Lock Repair

Locks damaged or broken? Is your key sticking, lock hard to turn, or maybe your deadbolt is on the fritz. No matter the case, we can help repair your lock with high quality parts that will make sure to last with lock repair services from Affordable Locksmith LLC.

Commercial Locks, Lock Repair, Milwaukee

A push paddle replacement on a commercial door.

We provide lock repair services for cars, homes and businesses of all kinds. At the time of inspection our locksmiths will come to your location, check the lock assembly and construct a plan of action to repair it. Whether your lock just needs adjusting, a new tumbler, oil, or your pins adjusted, we will get to the root of the problem and replace or adjust the necessary lock parts to provide smooth operation continually.

Best Car & Home Door Lock Repair Services In Milwaukee

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After repairs were made the doors integrity was restored and by adding reinforcements, the door is now kick-in resistant.

In cases where the lock is beyond repair, we will recommend a fresh lock installation and let you know why we have come to that conclusion. Most locks under 15 years old will be able to be repaired in our experience, especially with the nasty weather that we have in Milwaukee.

High security lock repair is available for homes and businesses in Milwaukee, WI.  We work on deadbolt locks, electronic locks, lever tumbler locks, mortise locks, pin tumbler, rim locks, spring bolt locks, sliding glass door locks, handle-set locks and more.

Commercial Lock Repair

Regular repair and replacement of locks in your business will keep your locks working like new and allow maintaining security with your business.

Sometimes, Locks fail or break, it is important to replace them fast in order to protect your office.  A commercial locksmith will remove the current defective lock with the necessary tools to disassemble the locking apparatus and door knob locks.  If needed, we will adjust the holes for the new lock and install the new locking system of your choice keeping your business and its contents safe.