Front door Locks – Are they secure?

Front door locks are only as good as how secure they are when it comes to the strength of the door frame.   Week door frames can allow burglars entry into your home or business even if the lock is doing its job.  Having your Lock installed by a professional locksmith is important because your locksmith will be able to tell if your door frame needs to be reinforced and can do the proper adjustment to be sure that your front door is secure.


Dead Bolts, Dead Bolt replacement, Milwaukee, LocksmithDeadbolts are the number one burglar deterrent. Usually if a home is equipped with deadbolts most criminals will simply walk away. Yes, they are that good! If your door is equipped with only a door knob, you might as well leave your door wide open. A beginner crook can open a door equipped with only a door knob in about 15 seconds! I tell my customers again and again, forget the door knob, deadbolt it!


rekeying, milwaukee, locksmith, locksmithing services milwaukeeWhat is rekeying? Rekeying is the process of replacing the inner working parts of a lock to work with a different key. Thus eliminating all the old keys. Rekeying gives you the control again on key distribution. When rekeying is done, only you will have the one and only key that locks and unlocks your home. Rekeying is cheaper than putting all new locks on the house. This can save you big bucks and unnecessary effort of spending the whole day taking old locks off and trying to fit new ones to your door. The typical home has about 6 to 8 locks. We can come to your home and rekey those locks in about 30 minutes. Rekeying is hassle free, fast and convenient.