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Stranded? • Locked the keys in the car • Lost car keys • Door locks broken
Key broke in the ignition or door lock • Ignition lock cylinder broken

Auto Lockouts

auto locksmith milwaukee

We take AUTO LOCKOUTS (Keys locked inside of car) as priority jobs. You’re stranded on the road and need help now! We come out right away when you call. Most of the time we are on the road and are closer to you than you might think! Most auto lockouts are responded within 15 to 20 minutes.


Lost Keys

car locksmith milwaukeeAffordable Locksmith is able to remake most keys for vehicles on the road today. Stranded? Lost or stolen keys? We will get you back on the road quick with our convenience road side service.


Transponder keys. (a.k.a. “Chip/Computer Chip” key)

lost keys milwaukeeWhat is a transponder? A transponder is a highly sophisticated piece of technology that is embedded in the head of the automobile key. The transponder is a radio transmitter that “talks” back to the car’s computer. It says only two things to the car. One is, yes, I am the right key, start the car. The other is I’m leaving now, remember me, I’m coming back to start the car later. If the wrong key is introduced to the car, the car won’t start. Or if the car is tampered with the car won’t start. These transponder keys are a bit expensive. Most consumers think paying $100 for a copy of the key is ridicules. Unfortunately they have no idea or appreciation for the awesome technology that is protecting their car from getting stolen. Fortunately when a person looses there last transponder key they call us for help. We can generate a new key on the spot no matter where you are and get you going fast! And cheaper than the dealer!

Broken Key

broke key milwaukee

Broke the key off in the lock? STOP! Do not use glue PLEASE! This will turn a small problem into a costly mistake. We can come out and safely remove that broke key out of the door, truck and ignition lock cylinder without having to replace the whole ignition! A big money saver! The dealer will tell you the lock will have to be replaced. NOT TRUE! We have saved hundreds of consumers thousands of dollars.


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