Residential Locksmith – Lock installation and Door Reinforcement

The fact of the matter is, if someone really wants to get into your home, they will.  The goal of locks is to slow the progress of an intruder long enough to be detected.  The majority of home intruders and burglaries are done by opportunists.  Burglars don’t want to stick around too long, they want to get in and out as quickly as possible.  Just the sight of a difficult deadbolt is usually enough to cause them to move on to a more opportune home or business.  locksmiths, milwaukee, brookfield, franklin, home lock repair, door lock repair, deadbolts

It is imperative that  deadbolts are installed on your home.  Regular knob and lever locks can offer some degree of security, a deadbolt will deter or delay a break-in.  It is important of course, to be sure that the deadbolt is installed correctly in order for the bolt to fully engage.  If not, it will be ineffective.

Most residential burglaries happen when the thief kicks in the door.

They will kick the door until the door jam splits and gives way. 95% of most new doors jams are made from thin inferior man made wood materials which provides little to no lock support.

You can have the most expensive lock set on the market installed on your door but if your jam is not up the job of holding back a kick-ins then your wasting your money and jeopardizing the security of your home or business.I can rebuild your door jam and increase the overall door jam strength by 500%!  Knowing how to use the wall studs as footings for the strike plates is the key to overall door jam strength and reliability.