Door jam repair done right.

Most residential burglaries happen when the thief kicks in the door.

They will kick the door until the door jam splits and gives way. 95% of most new doors jams are made from thin inferior man made wood materials which provides little to no lock support.

You can have the most expensive lock set on the market installed on your door but if your jam is not up the job of holding back a kick-ins then your wasting your money and jeopardizing the security of your home or business. The top picture shows what a blown out door jam looks like after a amateur tried to fix it. I was able to gently put my shoulder into the door making the lock pop open in seconds! Most kick-ins are so damaging that the homeowner will opt to purchase and install a new door package. I provide a money saving solution. I can rebuild your door jam and increase the overall door jam strength by 500%!  Knowing how to use the wall studs as footings for the strike plates is the key to overall door jam strength and reliability. Save you money and have me rebuild your jam after or preferably before a burglary for a fraction of the cost of a new door.